PT. Profilindah Kharisma is a multinational joint-venture company, situated in East Java, Indonesia. We are a semi and finished product woodworking manufacturer specializing in wooden doors and with expertise in most wood products.

As an OEM manufacturer we ship products worldwide and due to our flexibility and commitment to our customers, PT. Profilindah Kharisma produces not only high quality mass produced doors but also individual tailor made doors and other wood related products.

Flexibility in designs

We have more than a thousand different door models
interior doors and exterior doors.

Fully automated IT system

Insuring on time deliveries and
real-time product information.

Professional AUTOCAD drafters

Each design is confirmed
with technical drawings.

Experience and craftsmanship

Through collaboration with our European partners we have
more than 80 years of experience in creating solid wooden doors.

Professional staff

Keeping you informed of all developments and
every question.

Fully integrated factory facility

From the kiln dry to the paint shop,
everything under one roof.

Imported supporting materials

We import paint and other materials to insure our doors are produced to the highest quality and are protected against any environment.

Complete deliveries

Doors can be supplied with lock holes, letter box holes and other extra work, including glass mounted on the door, you can choose your own designs.

Auditing from external bureau

Our factory is audited regularly by an external bureau called SKH to ensure that we produce one high quality. KOMO is a Dutch building standard, click here for more information.

Chain of Custody

Our factory has been certified by FSC® (FSC® C006344) and other environmental labels, see our Quality & Sustainability section.

Factory tour

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