Wood & main materials

We select wood species based on their natural strengths, durability and stability. Those with
higher properties would suit more for exterior usage and for interior depends on our customers preference. Besides natural wood, we also utilise wood based engineered material such as regular MDF, exterior grade MDF and plywood etc. All our materials are selected and sourced based on the end products usage.

Moisture content

Wood is carefully kiln dried to a specific moisture content to ensure that it will reach optimum stability and durability. This process takes place in our own factory based kiln dry facility so that we have 100% control at this critical stage.

Moisture content rate may vary depending on the ambient situation of where the product will be used and its usage but generally the moisture content will be somewhere between 10% to 16%.


Our main construction and connection method typically uses a wooden dowel system. This system has been proven to give the same results as more traditional methods like mortise and tenon but we find it more efficient. Whether interior or exterior joinery, light or heavy duty, we use only one type of glue, a D4 class two component glue system. Using this type of glue system will ensure the strength and durability of the joinery.

Supporting material

We only use professional grade supporting materials where needed such as sealants, fasteners, paint and glues etc. all of which have been approved and certified by our auditing bureaus.


Different usage requires different coating systems and whatever it would be we only use professional painting systems from leading manufacturers with complete on site support from our vendors. Application follows our strict quality standard for protection with checking of final paint thickness. We only apply waterborne painting systems. This paint system is more environmentally friendly compared to conventional solvent-borne painting systems.

Quality checks

Our standard operating procedure requires regular checking throughout our production process and after completion making sure that your product is delivered to the highest standards.